Monday, November 4, 2013

Madeleine of inner worlds

Madeleine of inner worlds
What unfurls within those curls?
Allegorically we speak
While one caresses from cheek to cheek.
Inadvertantly I speak to you
To remind me of all that's true.
Indepth beyond these spurious walls
Unaccustomed to things that fall.
But raindrops do what they must do
To flood the earth with morning dew
And carry leaves upon their flight
Transcending nature both day and night.
My cleanse has begun or so it seems
It's evidently in my dreams
And once again I start anew
To ponder life and love that's true.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Havelock island

Havelock island
March 2013

Dear Madeleine,

These are the mighty shores 
That have opened all my pores
Of sparkling sands and silken seas
There are none such as these
Not to mention those stunning trees
That are truly great Andamanese

I'm here at last after many a year
Travelling both far and near
I may have reached some other ground
For in this space I think I've found
A spot where I'd like to hang my hat
Now what do you think about that?

A forest that's landed into the sea
That's exactly where I'd like to be
Night swimming under the moon
Can only make you swoon
Sparkles of phosphorescence in everything you touched
Life is really made of star dust

I'm bewitched by this enchanted land
To find some solace in sea and sand
Most certainly will be back for more
And hopefully bring you to this shore.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Love and feathers


while I wait for wings
To lift me up and take me home
What lands in my fishing net
Is a lovely leafy pome.

I understand the sabbath days
of solitary solemnness
I understand that nature is
so full of rambling randomness

As the story has unravelled
from through winter until now
We can do nothing but watch and learn
To destiny I bow

Its time a few changes
for a cosmic overhaul
we'll have to work on healing
though summer unto fall

My body has protested
At how I choose to live
She's asking me for things now
That I don't know how to give.

I grab her every morning
When I go to work
And when I am day dreaming
Still gently she does lurk

Its only now I understand
your knees and your aches
How can we keep them happy
For dear heaven's sake!

As of the turbulent waters
That toss our daily boat
I trust you to hang in there
And hold on to your note.

You  must trust me when I tell you
That  these are important times
Its through this turbulence
That words starts to rhyme.
Its through this dangling conversation
That we will find the clues
As to what we must think
And what we must do///

You are living a great learning
That tells me you will know
More and more everyday
But it could be slow..

Lets hold on to our dreams
And play with our words
Its just a mater of time before
We soar with 'em birds

Love and feathers

Mediary thought


It's as if I'm not there
Filled with hope and then despair
An adequate state of know-not-what
A blank___ a slash/ a dash- a dot.

I lie as if I am awake
And walk with dreams I can't partake
I tarry forth back to and fro
Not knowing whence I came from, or where to go.

I slowly slip into the mist
Question things I can't resist
Scribbling lines upon the fog
Conversations with no dialogue.

This limbo is my winter estate
A solemn entrance to natures gate
I'm waiting for this mist to rise
To drift along with no surprise.

Deriving life from other things
Soaking up what nature brings
And in that mediary thought
I catch a glimpse of all that's naught.

Tonight I sat under the moon
It's getting fuller all too soon
But it was nice to simply rest
And imbibe all that's truly blessed.

These days have been my saving grace
Journeying through life at a steady pace
Planting ideas like little seeds
Hoping someday to eat the fruits of these deeds.

I'm off now to return
To my dreams where I shall learn
Of places been and lives forgot
Lessons learned and soul songs taught.

Solitary on Sabbath,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn in my Heart

I'm quite upset
By matters of the heart
I can't quite grasp the nuances
That keeps our worlds apart

What are these intricacies
That follow mind and soul?
And leave the heart in such despair
That questions every goal?

My journey ever seems to take
So many twists and turns
And I am left to lie awake
while quietly it burns

The fire in my heart it seems
Is one such glowing ember
But this is just October yet
What of November and December?

My 37th year I gather
Is full of matter, full of dreams
And my heavy heart is left to wallow
In penetrating silent screams.

I don't know what to do or say
Wait patiently I reckon
For answers to reveal themselves
And surreptitiously beckon.

There is one thing that I do subscribe
to the wandering life I lead
That it takes me everywhere
And fulfills my every need.

Autumn in my heart,
Harper falling leaf


Comic done in 1998.

In the world of Harper and Madeleine

Sent to me on Jan 25th, 2002. 3:52 am.

Dearest deepest darkest sea
Those nothings which you wrote to me
brought back the smell of salty sun
which the waves had gently spun.

goan greed so bright and pure
goan greed that wants some more
some more of that paradise
and the holiday disguise

the lack of my bikini
in this freezing room
is nature's way of telling me
that I'm back too soon

delhi winter is another fact
the wind has very little tact
but its allowing me to endorse
a new wardrobe for a new cause.

the office looks like a garage
its empty, messy, dead and large
times are changing nervously
and fates are forming purposely.

I wonder what I'm going to do.
I haven't any sort of clue
my future seems too far from now
2 years have passed I don't know how.

the magic beds in my own home
trap me when I am alone
the sun spills onto soft beddings
and the green barbet needs to sing
eucalyptus leaves talk in their sleep
and the wind it sometimes weeps
The guitar has lost its wooden soul
in my heart its left a hole
its strings cut me like a knife
for I am its prodigal wife.
it awaits my uncertain return
meanwhile its useless fire burns.

and harper's gone drunk and tanned
the crowded ship is so unmanned
we'll have to find the secret map
and spread it out upon our laps
find different routes to different lands
but rendezvous on goan sands

your heart, now it must be lighter
and your vision even brighter
i'm glad we caught the setting sun
amidst those days of frantic fun.
I saw the fog lift from your eyes
what doesn't kill you makes you wise
and I can see that you've returned
with battles won and lessons learned.

goodbyes we missed my never mind
another chance we'll have to find.

love and watermelons